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Students who wish to submit or collect the passport, i-Kad or insurance card beyond the operation hours mentioned above are required to email to iss_aasc@um.edu.my at least a day before. Submission and collection via appointment are for emergency purposes only.

Should further clarification is required, please contact the ISSU staff at the counter during the official operation hours or via email at 
iss_aasc@um.edu.my  For latest update on visa or student pass application procedure, please go to https://aasc.um.edu.my

We thank you for your kind cooperation. 



Please take note that effective from 7 September 2020, the Government of Malaysia has extended travel ban into the country for all long-term pass holders including students from the following countries:

1. United States of America

2. Brazil

3. India

4. Russia

5. Peru

6. Colombia

7. South Africa

8. Mexico

9. Spain

10. Argentina

11. Chile

12. Iran

13. United Kingdom

14. Bangladesh

15. Saudi Arabia

16. Pakistan

17. France

18. Turkey

19. Italy

20. Germany

21. Iraq

22. Philippines

23. Indonesia

Students from the mentioned countries who did not arrive in Malaysia by 6th September will have to wait further notice and advised not to plan for travelling back to Malaysia.

Kindly note that the Malaysian Government will continue monitoring the Covid-19 situation in other countries and may impose the same restrictions on citizens of other countries that are recording a spike in Covid-19 cases.

For latest update on visa or student pass application procedure, please go to https://aasc.um.edu.my

1. Student Pass For New Student – University of Malaya

All international students need a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. The Immigration Department of Malaysia issues and regulates the passes, but International Student Services Unit, University of Malaya manages your pass application.

The Student Pass lasts for up to a year – or the length of your study period if that’s less than a year – so you need to renew it annually if you’re studying with us for more than two semesters.

You can’t study in Malaysia as an international student, and we will NOT endorse your registration without a valid Student Pass. And, depending on the country you’re from, you might also need a Malaysian entry visa.

Approval for a Student Pass can take between 4-6 weeks. So make sure you apply as soon as you receive your offer letter from us. The following guidelines for eVisa Application Form will be your best starting point to refer.

Attached Appendix 1

Pre-EVAL Guide

2. Renewal of Your Student Pass

It is your duty to ensure that your Student Pass remains valid throughout your study. You will need to submit the renewal application no later than 3 MONTHS before the expiry of your current student pass. Failure to do so will cause an overstay and enforcement action by the Immigration Department should your renewal cannot be processed within the expiry of your Student pass.

For student pass renewal, you will need to provide the following:

  • Passport photo with white background (3.5cm x 5cm)
  • TWO copy of applicant PASSPORT (all pages) including blank pages and copy must be made on one side of A4 size paper
  • A copy of all academic records, certificates or transcripts of studies previously undertaken.
  • Proof that the student has achieved a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 and higher. (for Undergraduate/ Postgraduate (Coursework and Mix-mode)
  • An updated Progress Report of your Research Progress (for Masters /PhD candidates only)
  • Overall attendance must also be at least 80 per cent or above. (For Undergraduate study only)
  • Payment of Renewal Fees and Processing Fees.

3. Endorsement Transfer for Students

If you are issued with a new passport due to the damage / expiry of your current passport and your Student Pass is still valid for 30 days or more, you must ensure the valid student pass is endorsed in your new passport.  Please refer to the following forms for the Student Pass sticker endorsement forms.

The following documents will be required for the transfer endorsement application:

1. Applicant or/and dependent’s ORIGINAL PASSPORT.

2. A copy of applicant or/and dependent’s NEW PASSPORT (all pages) including blank pages and copy must be made on one side of A4 size paper

3. A copy of applicant or/and dependent’s OLD PASSPORT (front page and current visa) copy must be made on one side of A4 size paper

4. A copy of STUDENT’S PASSPORT (front page and current visa) copy must be made on one side of A4 size paper (*applicable if the application is intended for the dependent only)

5. Payment of Transfer Endorsement Fees and Processing Fees.


4. Special Pass for Student

If your student pass renewal is in process / your student pass has expired for less than 7 days, you may be eligible to apply for Special Pass to ensure you are not overstayed whilst the application is being processed. You will be required to submit the following documents for Special Pass application:


2. A COPY OF APPLICANT PASSPORT (front page and current visa) and copy must be made on one side of A4 size paper. Please tick (√) APPROPRIATE REASON to apply Special Pass:

  • Completed / withdrawn / terminated from the study programme or change to the new study programme
  • Change from Student Pass to Employment Pass
  • Change from Dependent Pass to Student Pass
  • Others (please specify) :

3. Payment for Special Pass and Processing Fees

5. Cancellation of Student Pass  

1. Graduate/ Completion of Studies from UM

  • Students who have completed their studies must cancel their student pass and their dependent pass. UM will submit your documents to the Immigration Department of Malaysia to cancel your student pass and make a police report if student fails to cancel his pass upon graduation.

2. Deferment of Studies

  • A student who defers from studies must get approval from University and must cancel a student pass and dependent pass (if any)

3. Withdrawal or Termination from studies

  • A student who withdraws from his/her study must inform UM  before leaving Malaysia. The student pass and the dependent pass will be cancelled, upon submission of passport, withdrawal letter from faculty, and confirmed flight ticket.

4. Change Programme or Change University

  • A Student who have accepted admission offer letter from other institution must cancel their existing student pass.
  • A student who had change a programme within UM will also required to cancel current student pass and apply variation to new programme.






  New Of Dependent Pass Application Form



  Special Pass Application Form For Dependent



  Extension Of Dependent Pass Application Form



  New Student Pass Application Form



  Extension Of Student Pass Application Form



  Special Pass Application Form For Student



  Transfer/Cancellation Application Form For Student/Dependent

Last Updated: 13/01/2021