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Operation Hours (Visa Unit Counter)



Please be advised that counter 1 & 2 are for submission of documents and applications only.

Counter 3 is an express counter for collecting, submitting the passport, i-Kad and insurance card. Students who wish to submit or collect the passport, i-Kad or insurance card beyond the operation hours mentioned above are required to email to (iss_aasc@um.edu.my) and cc to (hayati.azizulrahman@um.edu.my) at least a day before. Submission and collection via appointment are for emergency purposes only.

As a gentle reminder, you are advised to comply with the Covid-19 SOP where you are required to wear the face mask and observe the physical distance. During this unpredictable and challenging time, we hope to serve you at our best surely. It is also advisable that you keep yourself updated with our latest information which are made available at https://aasc.um.edu.my.

We thank you for your kind cooperation and patience in regards to the matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further enquiries and stay safe.

Thank you.

International Student Services Unit
Last Updated: 22/03/2021