• Academic Administration & Services Centre (AASC)
  • pengarah_aasc@um.edu.my

UM offers various programmes from foundation to postgraduate level as well as professional courses, as listed in the Programmes Offered page from the UM official  website https://study.um.edu.my/

You need to contact the Faculty which offers the programme directly for further information or  Academic and Administration Centre.

Entry requirements for each programme is different. Please kindly visit the official website of the Faculty or UM official website https://study.um.edu.my/  for the entry requirements.

Application must be made through upu online at https://upu.mohe.gov.my/ which normally will be open on February until April.

Registration fee for new student for each programme can be differ and it is payable before the registration date.

Yes. Students will be provided with accommodation for their 1st year studies

Last Update: 26/11/2021